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She has a sunny disposition and relates equally well to children and adults. Her method of adjustment is extremely gentle, and it works!

~ Mary Jo

Purification Programs

This program is for the internal cleansing and detoxification of your body.  We are surrounded by hundreds of toxins daily, from polluted air and water, to chemical cleaners in the home, pesticides on our produce, and plastics in our water and food containers.  These accumulate in the body and can create major dis-ease and poor health.  Occasionally participating in a detox program rids the body of these toxins that can make us so sick now or later.  We offer the whole food program suggested by Standard Process, which encourages you to eat organic fruits, vegetables, brown rice, chicken, fish, and the 4 products which are supplied.  This program is simple to follow with the patient guide and website and takes 3 weeks to complete. 

Dr. Tobi Sheiker

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